“Writers aren't people exactly. Or, if they're any good, they're a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person.”― F. Scott Fitzgerald

About Gabriel Beyers

Gabriel Beyers writes novels and short stories in the genres of Dark Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal Thriller and Science Fiction.

As a child he would often create homemade treasure maps and write stories to go along with them.  During his school years he enjoyed creative writing classes, journalism, and Latin.  As a teenager he co-authored a local church newspaper.

All the signs were there, and yet he never realized he wanted to be a writer.

It was several years later while breaking his back working commercial construction that he had an epiphany.  He was sitting with his wife, watching a show about a writer, when life's message finally broke through his thick skull.  He slipped away and typed the beginning of a story that had been rolling around in his head for a long time.  He decided it was terrible and walked away.

Not too many days later, his wife came across the writing and asked how it ended.  After a gentle nudge from his wife, he put aside his fear and self-doubt and returned to the keyboard.  He's never looked back.

So here he is, sailing the turbulent sea of professional writing, chasing his dreams and hoping to leave his mark on the world.