Guarding the Healer

Guarding the Healer
Publisher: Gemini Gremlin Ink
ASIN: B005342GQY
ISBN: 9781463542665

An Angel must protect a young man with healing powers from a murderous man possessed by a powerful Demon.

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About the Book

Beyond the visible world there is a war that has been raging since the beginning of time.

The guardian angel Nassarius has spent millennia protecting the human race from the merciless hordes of demons roaming the earth. When the angel begins guarding a young man named Silas, he soon realizes that there is something very special about his new charge. Shadow angels seem to be inexplicably drawn to Silas and their numbers are growing far too large for Nassarius to handle on his own.

Nassarius is doing all within his power to keep his charge safe from the shadow angels’ relentless attacks, but the battle is growing dire. When Silas develops the power to heal the sick with just the touch of his hand, he draws the attention of a murderous man possessed by a powerful demon—a being the guardian has no authority to dispatch.

With a legion of demons at his back, the possessed man brings death to the healer’s doorstep, targeting the very people he loves most. Nassarius must find a way to destroy the evil hunting Silas before it’s too late. Evil knows better than to make another martyr. In this war there are worse things than dying . . . like losing your soul.

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