Hello everyone and welcome to by my official website. I appreciate you stopping by. Here are just a few quick facts about me.

41pcQ6oCp+L._UX250_My name is Gabriel (as in the angel) Beyers (pronounced buyers). You’d be surprised how often my name is mispronounced. Not that I mind all that much. More than once I’ve had people call me Babe, and even had someone give me the last name Beavers. So, if you ever run across some weird stories written by Babe Beavers, it may be me, or maybe not. So, really, you can call me what you like. My friends call me Gabe

My stories land in a few different genres, from Paranormal Thrillers to Dark Fantasy to Horror to Sci-Fi. I’ve taken to calling them Thrillers with a Twist. There is always something exciting happening, and it’s always in some kind of world twisted just a bit off center. I’ve tried write “normal” stories, but some kind of weirdness always creeps in.

If you wish to know more, check out the About the Author tab or check out my blog, though I must warn you, I’m kind of a sporadic blogger.